Who am I?

A few answers to introduce myself 🙂

Who are you?

My name is Mathilde (you can call me Mat’) and I’m a 21-year-old French nerd who enjoys drawing fanarts and original art! I also love watching TV shows and I generally engage in fandoms on social media.
I am currently working on my original webcomic “Hearts of Aetherion”, which is set in a fictional  world I’ve created.

Why the username “Noksindra”?

Noksindra is the name of one of my OCs (Original Characters)! 🙂 When I first created my art blog on Tumblr and then my accounts on Twitter and Instagram, I had a hard time choosing a “good” artist name and at some point I was like “why not use the name of an OC of mine?” and now here we are haha.

Are you an art student?

Nope, I’m self-taught!
The closest I’ve had of an Art education was a 10-hours painting class my parents generously paid for me in July 2014.

Do you draw for a living?

I would like to! But so far, no I don’t.
As I said, I’m not an art student ; I’m actually an engineering student (graduating in 2019) so being a full-time is not something I can afford before finishing these studies. 

What are your hobbies besides drawing?

When I’m not drawing, I usually like to read or watch videos/documentaries on subjects I find really interesting: History, biology, philosophy, physics,… Doing this helps me get inspired for the worldbuilding of my world. So obviously, in my free time, I like to work on it and spend time plotting and worldbuilding.
Playing video games, reading or doing some sport also helps me blow off some steam when need be!
But I also spend too much time on social media lol.

How long have you been drawing?

Since… forever? Haha I honestly can’t remember when I started…
I think I really started to like drawing and spend time creating when I was like 6? I remember writing short stories about a grandma. I wrote and drew the story and then I a small book for each story x) I think I wrote like 10 books of this grandma’s adventures lol.
Then I discovered manga thanks to a friend who introduced me to One Piece when I was 13 and this is when I started building up my “art style” (even though it evolved a lot to this day) and also this was the first time I tried to write fantasy adventures and draw my own manga – which I never finished… I think I drew like 5 pages before giving up…. xD
After that I spent my years of high school drawing and trying a more “realistic” style.
I had to put this passion on hold after high school for 2 years because I was in “prepa” (which is a very intense competitive class that lasts for 2 or 3 years). I had lots of homework in math, physics, literature, computer science,… and I barely drew during this time…
I came back to drawing thanks to Shadowhunters, which I discovered when I was studying for my final competitive exams at the end of my “prepa” studies. I binge-watched it when I was supposed not to do anything but study lol… #worthit

So yeah, that was a bit long but I’ve been drawing for a very long time, with breaks sometimes… but now I feel like my artistic journey has just begun, and I’m very excited to see it unfold 🙂

What’s your dream job?

Two years ago, I would have said that working as an animator at Disney or any other big animation studio, but now I would rather be a character designer, a concept artist or a storyboardist if I were to work in a big company. I really like these aspects of the animation process and I feel like they fit my personality more.
I would also love to be a comic artist on my own or doing a collaborative work with writers.

What do you use to draw?

To do my digital art, I use Photoshop CS6 with either my Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch M graphic tablet or my UGEE 1910B graphic tablet. The second one has a screen display and his bigger.
I also have an Ipad Pro 10.5″ so I also use Procreate and my Apple Pencil. 

What are the things that inspire you?

I’m not gonna be extremely original but I want to say everything or anything can spark my inspiration!
Usually quotes, music/soundtracks, a pic, headcanons or even a discussion with someone are my main sources of inspiration, it really depends on my mood. 

Who are the artists you look up to?

I look up to so many artists I’m definitely gonna forget some…
First of all, the first person I owe my passion for drawing is probably Walt Disney. I grew up being fascinated by his art and legacy. And I really look up to Disney animators, like Glen Keane, when it comes to consistency and expressions. I also get inspired by the work of artists from other big studios like Pixar (it wasn’t always part of Disney) and DreamWorks for example.
The art of Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli studio, especially the way the atmosphere of the films and fantasy creatures are designed is absolutely fascinating.
Another artist I admire is Gabriel Picolo. I just love his lines and colors. He is definitely a big inspiration.
I really love the works of Cyarine, Imzeferino, loisvb, hvitravn, Sarah Andersen, Heikala, Aaron Blaise, Sibylline, Boulet, and so many others! Their styles are sometimes very different from mine and I learn a lot from them!
I also love the work of my fellow fanartists from the fandoms I’m part of 🙂 

What are your different projects?

As I said previously, I like drawing both fanarts and original art.
When it comes to my fanartist projects, I wanna be more diverse: I’ve drawn a LOT of Shadowhunters (esp. Malec) fanarts for several years now and I’d like to spend more time drawing for the other TV shows I love – Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Stranger Things, Lucifer, Game of Thrones, Avatar The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Voltron, etc…
Concerning my original work, I wanna share my fictional world with the world by doing concept arts, character designs, general illustrations AND work on my webcomic.
I would also like to spend more time doing series of illustrations for other subjects I love. For example, I have the project of drawing a modern version of Greek Mythology.
I can’t wait to share my projects with you all! 🙂 

Is it okay to repost your art?

I’m not a big fan of reposts, so if you do, please don’t crop out the watermark AND credit me. I’m noksindra on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram so it’s easy to find me there. I don’t have a Facebook page so, in order to credit me properly, put either a link to my website or to one of my social media pages.

Do you do art trades?


Can you draw me? / Do you take requests?

Are you asking me to work for free? Then it’s a no from me. Drawing takes time and it IS work, so if you want me to draw for you, you can commission me. Thanks.

Do you take commissions?

I do from time to time! You can find all the info in the “commissions” tab on this website 🙂 

Do you ship the merch on your shop worldwide?

Yes, I do ship worldwide! 😉

If you’ve read it all and the question you want to ask me has not been answered, you can send me a message via the “contact” tab 🙂

Thank you for reading <3