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Haringeäld and the Northern Lands

In the Northern Lands, the layer of snow is always thick and life is not always easy. Most people living in towns like Winterfort or Firs are hunters or farmers – living off Yack milk they ship via the Frozen Strait to provide milk, cream and cheese to the rest of the Queedom.

Pelenion, the Capital of the Queendom, situated in the South of the Frozen Strait and is the town of this region with the most History, having been built millenia ago by the Legendary Queen Kiri’th. It is composed of several islands, one of the them being the Royal Isle, where the royal castle of Haringeäld stands. The climate is tempered there, with a lot of wind. The entrance to the Frozen Strait is protected by The Reef, a small outpost built specifically for that purpose.

The South of the Kingdom is composed of a swamp and then a desert, where populations living there haven’t see a single drop of water in years. On the coast, however, the flora is rich., especially in the East and South.

Haringeäld is the initial home of the humans in this world. For a long time, the Queedom covered more ground, as humans had conquered other parts of the world, imposing to some extent their language and culture to the rest of their territories – creating the “common language”.
However, one after the other, the conquered lands fought against the Haringeäld forces to gain back their independence.

Nowadays the Queendom is a very diverse territory, where Humans, Athairians and Hybrids live together. However, racism, xenophobia and discrimination are lurking in the shadows.

Haringeäld is also getting more and more invested in mining resources like metal ore and coal to enhance their industry, slowly entering the industrial age, leaving metal armors and forts behind.


Kedendas, also called the “Land on Fire” due to the number of active volcanoes in the region, is the home of a majority of Athairians. It is a largely desertic land, with a lot of cordilleraes and isolated plateaux and mountains.

By its position – situated across a river, near a huge interior lake and in the middle of the Savannah – Del Aithm flourished into very huge and peaceful city,  with a much bigger population than Pelenion. Forests – respectively temperate in the North and tropical in the South – constitute an additional source of resources which are brought to the capital, Del Aithm, either by land or by the river.

Very few people still inhabit the Western coast of the Kingdom nowadays, because of the repetitive volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Most people have either moved out to the West or to other regions of the world.

Haringeäld and Pelenion were at war for centuries, invading and conquering some of each other’s territories until a treaty ended that perpetual conflict. Nowadays, they are trade partners, exchanging their exclusive resources, and allowing their populations to travel across both territories.

Middle Realm


The recently independent Middle Realm is situated in the South of Haringeäld, sharing the “Lovers’ Strait” with it. For a long time it was a subject of conflict between Kedendas and Haringeäld, belonging to one or the other – sometimes both, as they divided the region in half-  until the populations decided to become independent and fought against their invaders, eventually defeating them.

The Middle Realm is covered in plains and forests – both temperate and tropical, depending on the location. It offers a lot of natural resources and is starting to become a very attractive region for foreigners to build a home and start a farm now that it Nature is taking back its rights on what once was a huge battlefield.

The natural border between the Middle Realm and southern region of Adwen is the Middle Cordillera, where the small port town of The Bridge is located.


Adwen is a mysterious land for the populations of the North of the Bridge, home of Monsters and Legends. The winters are cold and the summers are not much warmer apparently.

The thick forest of fir trees in the North followed by an ice desert makes it almost impossible to reach the South of that continent all the way to Erafin, the small villages where only expert hunters and fishermen dare go settle during the summer.

The Free Islands

The Free Islands, also called Aelmoor as it is the only city of this archipelago, is the favorite halt of pirates and explorators, being the last piece of land on the Western side of the world.

It is said that there are more taverns than houses there, and that “What happens in Aelmoor, stays in Aelmoor”.