Full name: Aeldir Naëlstrom
Pronunciation: A-el-deer / Al-deer (depending on the accent)
Nickname(s) or Alias: Ael’ / ‘Dir
Gender: M
Species: Human
Age: 24
Family status: Adopted (along with his twin sister)
Birthday: May 21
Sexuality: No labels
Homeland: Haringeäld
Religion: Cult of the Ten
City or town of birth: Presumably Irondell (Haringeäld)
Currently lives: Pelenion (Haringeäld)
Languages spoken: “Common tongue”, notions of Athairian
Native language: “Common tongue”
Relationship Status: Single / Engaged to Jafira


Height: 6’0
Weight: ~ 80kg
Figure/build: Quite muscular
Hair colour: White
Hairstyle: A glorious mess.
Eye colour: Brown
Tattoos: A huge tree tattoo starting from his left forearm to his chest/top of his back/neck.
Piercings: None
Scars/distinguishing marks: White spots all over his upper body
Preferred style of clothing: Light, loose shirt/Fitted fabric/leather pants
Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: 2 earrings on his left ear (same as his twin sister)



Smoker? When extremely stressed, pipe smoking. Will usually chew on something to avoid smoking.
Drinker? Enjoys a good drink from time to time.
Recreational Drug User? Which? No
Addictions: //
Allergies: //
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: //
Any medication regularly taken: None


Personality: Introvert, serious, loyal, firm, can seem cold at first, realistic, perfectionist, overprotective,
Likes: Reading, engineering, baths, having alone time, finding solutions
Dislikes: Overly extroverted/loud people, invasive questions, condescending people, hot weather,…
Fears/phobias: Fear of failure
Favourite colour: Copper
Hobbies: Designing, engineering, reading, writing, hanging out with his friends, going on walks around the Pelenion islands, training,…
Taste in music: Likes most types of music.



Talents/skills: Engineering, drawing, gun fighting


Omnivore/Carnivore/Vegetarian: Omnivore (with vegetarian tendencies)
Favourite food(s): Fish soup, lentils, stews, potatoes, beans
Favourite drink(s): Cider/Beer
Disliked food(s): Poultry (too dry –  he doesn’t hate it though)
Disliked drink(s): Red wine



Describe the character’s house/home: Lives in the Royal Castle of Haringeäld. His apartments are spacious, with a small balcony. The bed is big and the sheets are silky, with an added fur layer in the cold season. The room is a bit of a mess because he usually stays up at night to work on engineering designs so lots of parchments with doodles on them.
Significant/special belongings: His magnifying glass, engineering goggles and pen.


Level of education: Engineering Master.
Qualifications: Co- Royal Master Engineer of Haringeäld.
Current job title and description: As one of the two Master Engineers of Haringeäld – along with Artharn and Beltharn’s mom – Aeldir has a lot on his plate. Together they try to enhance the Haringeäld technology, be it weapons, water filtration, creating new means of transportation, heating systems, etc.
Name of employer: Queen Astria of Haringeäld.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Agressive
Fighting skills/techniques: Long-range fighting style
Special skills/magical powers/etc: //
Weapon of choice (if any): Guns/pistols/rifles.
Weaknesses in combat: Not as experienced as Noks or Artharn.
Strengths in combat: Global view of the fight. Can protect his friends from afar.



Parents names:
– biological : unknown.
– adoptive : //
Are parents alive or dead?
– biological : dead.
– adoptive : alive.
Is the character still in contact with their parents? Yes.
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Twin sister, Noksindra. They have each other’s back. And they love teasing each other.
Other Important (Alive) Relatives:
– Astria of Haringeäld, his adoptive aunt.
– Emeriath of Haringeäld, his adoptive cousin.
Partner/Spouse: Jafira (spouse-to-be/engaged)
Children: None.
Best Friend: Artharn, Beltharn, Noksindra (in no particular order).
Other Important Friends:
– at the beginning of the story : Jafira
– later in the story : Kirith, Nakann, Aramelle, Triz, Val, etc…
Acquaintances: //
Pets: //
Enemies? Why are they enemies? //


Describe their childhood (newborn – age 10): //
Describe their  teenage years (11 – 19): //
Describe their  adult years (20+): //